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Frankie McCaffrey Landscapes Halifax can prepare and maintain gardens for landlords and estate agencies on rental properties. We can repair fences and gates, and provide maintenance to gardens verges, hedge clipping & tree trimming. Present your property in its best possible light by having it spruced up prior to sale or rental

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Frankie McCaffrey can provide year round property management for many clients who are lucky enough to go abroad for the better weather during  winter months.


We can provide daily/weekly/monthly walk-thrus of your home to inspect for heating/cooling failures, plumbing leaks and other unforeseen problems and furnish a report by email. Frankie McCaffrey maintenance is able to take care of your every need to ensure your property is well looked after in your absence. Besides all of your outdoor services taken care of we can also provide and arrange for housecleaning, window cleaning, roofers, electricians, and heating, plumbers, just about anything you will need, we have pre-selected local subcontractors that we know personally and have worked with for many years. We even arrange entry/exit to the home limiting the need to provide keys to various contractors providing a better sense of security.

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